Girls Will Break Your Heart

by Colin Waller

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All three songs were written in different years.


released April 2, 2016

Written and performed by Colin Waller
Special thank you to Emily, Avery, Andy, Gabby, Ariel, Andrew, Maurice, Fisher, Bry, Aidan, Maggie, Joe, Kyle, Vanessa and Alana. You guys inspire me to keep going everyday and for that I'm very thankful.



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Colin Waller Salisbury, Maryland

A multi-instrumentalist from Salisbury, MD.

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Track Name: Pemberton
She told me not to get my hopes up
She's only on her way
I can't stop thinking back
To how we spent last thursday
And though she never says a word
I can't stay away
She puts me in charge
Of the songs that play

Leave me here
For a year
I've got some growing up to do
Get a car
We'll go far
I'm taking drivers ed for you
I can dream
Blow off steam
I'd let you take off my shoes
Hold my hand
I'll be your man
I'll pay the devil his due

I've grown fond of waiting around
On a girl that is not there
She racks her brain for what to say
And compliments my hair
Let me stand out in the rain
It's okay I wanna drown
You and I explore the woods
But get lost in town

So much fun
I wanna do it all with you
Say goodbye
Take a sigh
You're such a hard thing to lose
Track Name: Spring Break
Oh you're not my muse
Because you don't inspire anything
It's of no use
Taking time to think
I never write
I have nothing to say
and that's alright
Because you don't listen anyway

And I don't believe that I owe you anything at all
No I don't believe that I owe you anything at all

And I never call
But you don't pick up most days
But I never thought
Things could be this way
I never sleep
I toss and turn all night
I never dream
I can't escape your lies

Because you're not my muse
Track Name: Joan Rivers
That's how I wanna die
Not knowing it's the end
And I would not cry
And neither would my friends
The world's a better place
Without my face
And you all agree
You're not my enemies

And after all it never mattered to you
When I'm alone it's much better than two
And I'm aware that it'll get better soon
But you knew that, you're so clever dude

Things are looking up
Everything's okay
Coffee in my cup
I'm ready for the day
And I had a girl
She was my whole world
But she don't love me
Life could be a dream