On This Fine Morning

by Colin Waller

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Thank you to everyone that has inspired, supported, or helped me throughout my musical career.

A special thanks to Brandon Lokey, Jenna Olischar, Bri Czwalina, Nathan Truitt, Caleb Horseman, Nikki Bennish, Vanessa Bennish, Jeff Todd, Holden Brown, Dani Winterbottom, Fussy Pink, Heavy Swift Taylor, Destroyers Of The Reptillian Mass, Michelle Raley, Rainy Day Cacophony, Love Rub & The Chocolate Delight, Our Great Quell, and many others I'm probably forgetting.


released September 1, 2013

All songs written and performed by Colin Waller



all rights reserved


Colin Waller Salisbury, Maryland

A multi-instrumentalist from Salisbury, MD.

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Track Name: Pemberton
She told me not to get my hopes up
She's only on her way
I can't stop thinking back
To how we spent last thursday
I know I haven't got a shot
But you'll still let me aim
Put me in charge
Then you run the game

I've grown fond of waiting around
On a girl that is not there
She racks her brain for what to say
And compliments my hair
Let me stand out in the rain
It's okay I'm gonna drown
You and I explore the woods
And get lost in town

There's time for memories
I mean if you still want
Why'd I pick you over her
It's cause she is no fun
Don't know if you're good
Or if you're something bad for me
Past has shown you're not
But I'll gladly wait and see

Leave me here, for a year
I've got some growing up to do
Get a car, We'll go far
I'm taking driver's ed for you
I can dream, blow off steam
I'd let you take off my shoes
Hold my hand, I'm your man
I'll pay the devil his dues
Pemberton, so much fun
Everything we've done is new
Say goodbye, take a sigh
You're such a hard thing to lose
Track Name: As If She Could Care
You are the one who brings me to my knees
You're everything I need and it's not enough

I need someone to show me my path
To do all the math to figure me out

You think of me like a dog thinks of a cat
Chased down like a rat and I get no cheese

They always knew I'd give up too soon
I gave up on you and I don't know how

What can be done with my failure of a son
To teach him not to run in my footsteps

Stared at the sun just for the day
Turned out okay but now I'm blind

She stood there blue eyes and blonde hair
As if she could care about my day

What can I say to stop you in your tracks
To make you turn back and not cry

I have no business keeping a life
Never have a wife and if I did I'd kill her

Never had you and I probably never will
Take any pill to make you mine

You seem to think that I have other plans
So you take a man and it kills me

Worst day I've had in my entire life
"No I don't lie, I feel fine"

Wish I believed in the thing they call God
But I cannot and I'm not alone

Stayed up all night just trying to sleep
I'll try not to weep but I always fail

Life gave me lemons so I made lemonade
The juice stung my eye, I want to die

Only use you to get what I want
You're a real cunt and you're barely male

I gave up a long time ago.
Track Name: Sybil
Don't lie to me
What'd your mom do to you
Break the windows to bleed
Can you tell me the truth

Sybil, why'd you make that mess
Sybil, you're a mess
Maybe it was Vicky, or maybe Vanessa,
Maybe it was Marcia or Peggy Lou,
Maybe just maybe, maybe it was you.

Don't lie to me
What'd your mom do to you
Break the windows to bleed
What'd your mom do to Peggy
Track Name: Catcher In The Wonderbread
I am alone again
Stupid people and my phony friends
I can lie without blinking
What the hell was I thinking

They say opposites attract
Guess that means that I am great
Just like my best friends
I need to put and end

Leave me here to die
Hope you have a great time
I want you to be my bride
No not really I just lied

Just when I felt happy
You intruded in my life
I will always love you
But you're no wife

For me